When you take your vehicle to your local GMC dealer for transmission service or repair, you're also getting the benefit of 100-plus years of automotive manufacturing experience and expertise. Your Certified Service expert technicians receive exclusive factory training and know your GMC vehicle and transmission better than anyone.


If there is a transmission issue that requires immediate attention, the Driver Information Centre may display one of the following messages:

Service Transmission

This message displays if there is a problem with the transmission. See your dealer for transmission service.

Shift To Park

This message displays when the transmission needs to be shifted to P (Park). This may appear when attempting to remove the key from the ignition if the vehicle is not in P (Park).

Transmission Hot — Idle Engine

This message displays and a chime sounds if the transmission fluid in the vehicle becomes hot. Driving with the transmission fluid temperature high can cause damage to the vehicle. Stop the vehicle and let it idle to allow the transmission to cool. This message clears when the fluid temperature reaches a safe level.

How to Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

There is a special procedure for checking and changing the transmission fluid. Since this procedure is difficult, this type of transmission repair should be done at your dealer. Contact your dealer for additional information.

When to change Automatic Transmission Fluid

Automatic transmission fluid should be drained and replaced as listed in the Maintenance Schedule of your Owner’s Manual.


Design And Performance

Each Genuine GM Parts automatic transmission and transfer case is factory engineered and rigorously tested to deliver smooth, consistent performance. The latest engineering advancements are incorporated into every transmission for years of trouble-free operation.


  • The same Original Equipment engineering standards that go into every new GMC vehicle
  • The latest enhancements and improvements
  • Durability standards equal to those in new GMC transmissions and transfer cases
  • Test certification under stringent and demanding conditions at state-of-the-art labs

Nationwide 3-Year or 160,000-Kilometre Limited Warranty*

You can be confident that these automatic transmissions or transfer cases have been built specifically for your GMC and will function as originally designed and engineered. That reliability is backed by a fully transferable limited warranty on parts and labour for 3 years or 160,000 kilometres, whichever occurs first.*


When you purchase your Genuine GM Parts manual transmission, you can rest assured that you're getting the same unbeatable quality that came with your new vehicle. Every Genuine GM Parts manual transmission is engineered to GM specifications and designed to fit and operate perfectly, right from the start.

Nationwide 1-Year or 20,000 Kilometre Limited Warranty*

The manual transmissions come with a transferable limited warranty on parts and labour for 1 year or 20,000 kilometres, whichever comes first.* All the more reason you can rely on our Original Equipment quality.

When to Change Manual Transmission Fluid

Manual transmission fluid should be drained and replaced as listed in the Maintenance Schedule of your Owner’s Manual.