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At an estimated 10.5L/100 km highway 2WD1 the 5.3L V8 scores the best V8 fuel efficiency in its class2, while producing 355 horsepower and 383 lb.-ft. of torque. Other features include:

  • Advanced Direct Injection for quiet operation and efficiency.
  • Active Fuel Management® technology activates or can deactivate four of Yukon’s eight cylinders based on load and power demand to help reduce fuel consumption
  • Variable Valve Timing adjusts to different engine rpms and driving conditions to maximize performance and efficiency
  • Yukon XL features a 117-litre (25.7 Imp. Gal) gas tank (approx.) compared with a 98-litre (21.6 Imp. Gal) gas tank (approx.) of the standard Yukon models

1. Fuel-consumption estimates based on GM preliminary testing in accordance with Government of Canada approved test methods. Refer to for details. Your actual fuel consumption may vary.
2. Comparison based on 2018 Large Sport/Utility Vehicle segment and latest competitive information available at the time of posting. Excludes other GM Vehicles.