2019 GMC Sierra technology improves driver confidence when connecting or towing a trailer.

2019 GMC Sierra: Technology

The Next Generation 2019 GMC Sierra does more than offer a rugged foundation, a variety of strong powertrains, and smart capability – especially for those who plan on trailering. The 2019 Sierra was designed from day one to incorporate a variety of new, innovative ideas and technologies that improve driver confidence when connecting to or towing a trailer.


“In addition to working with major trailer manufacturers, GMC spoke with thousands of pickup truck owners who trailer, either on a daily basis or a couple times a month,” said Tony Johnson, Director of Truck Strategy. “We listened to their thoughts on how the trailering process, from connecting the hitch to traveling down the road, could be improved upon, and integrated professional-grade solutions into our Next Generation 2019 Sierra.”


A typical towing package might include a receiver hitch platform, a wiring connector, and some other basic bits of hardware. That isn’t the case with the 2019 Sierra’s newly available ProGrade Trailering system.


“ProGrade Trailering goes beyond a basic trailering package,” said Johnson. “The connectivity and convenience it adds to the Next Generation Sierra are designed to provide guidance and eliminate guesswork while trailering, helping customers feel more confident while trailering and stay safer. Whether you’re looking to back up to a trailer without a spotter or simply want to keep tabs on your trailer, the ProGrade Trailering system will prove an invaluable tool.”


ProGrade Trailering on the 2019 GMC Sierra includes:

  • Hitch Guidance with Hitch View: Sierra’s Rear Vision Camera not only incorporates dynamic guidance lines for the truck itself, but also one for the trailer hitch. A Hitch View mode allows the driver to zoom in on the hitch for careful maneuvering. The system can also be briefly accessed while in motion to ensure the trailer is properly connected.
  • Auto Electric Parking Brake Assist: To help with perfect positioning after backing up to a trailer hitch, Sierra will automatically apply the parking brake when shifting into park, preventing any further movement.
  • Hitch Area Lighting: a new lamp integrated into the tailgate panel shines directly down on the receiver hitch area, easing trailer connections and helps inspections in the dark.
  • Integrated Trailer Brake Controller: This controller now allows drivers to program trailer brake level settings to specific trailer profiles.


At the core of Sierra’s trailering enhancements, and a part of the available ProGrade Trailering system, is the all-new Trailering App. Integrated with and accessible through Sierra’s Infotainment System2 the Trailering App offers a variety of unique features designed explicitly to improve the trailering experience.


Trailering App functionality includes:

  • Pre-departure Checklists: Sierra’s infotainment screen can provide a step-by-step illustrated guide of the steps required to connect a trailer to the truck. For those new to trailering, these steps can be expanded to show clear, illustrated examples of what connections need to be made.
  • Trailer Light Test: There’s no need to find a helper to run through an external light test on your truck and trailer – just press a button on the screen, and the truck and trailer will run through a specific lighting sequence (i.e., apply brake lights, turn signals, etc.), making this a quick, one-person job.
  • Customizable trailer profiles: Once a trailer is connected, it can be saved as a stored profile within the app itself. These profiles can help keep track of trailer mileage, provide reminders of trailer maintenance intervals, recall trailer brake controller gain settings, amongst other features.
  • Trailer Tire Pressure3 Monitoring: After a set of wireless tire pressure sensors are installed on the trailer’s wheels, they can then relay tire pressure and tire temperature information to the app screen, allowing the driver to easily keep tabs on possible tire issues from the driver’s seat.
  • Theft Alert: to discourage trailer theft, Theft Alert extends Sierra’s theft alert capabilities to the trailer. If a trailer is disconnected while the Sierra is parked and locked, the truck’s lights and horn would be triggered. Additionally, if the driver is enrolled in comparable paid OnStar services, they will receive a theft alert notice via phone, text, or email.
  • Mobile App Access: The Trailer Light Test and Pre-Departure Checklists will be available for reference within the myGMCTM mobile app4, allowing quick reference, even when working to connect the trailer at the hitch.


While ProGrade Trailering certainly helps tailor the 2019 Sierra for trailering, we didn’t stop there. Other features incorporated into our latest full-size pickup that can make trailering easier include:

  • Trailering Information Label: this new label, placed within the driver’s door jamb, clearly calls out vehicle-specific weight information (including curb weight, GVWR, GCWR, maximum payload, maximum tongue weight, and rear GAWR) that is tailored to your specific vehicle, making it easier to calculate figures for your own vehicle, and ensure it is properly and safely loaded at all times.
  • Available Trailering Camera Package: This package adds two rear-facing cameras integrated into the side mirrors, which are useful for seeing down the side of your truck and trailer during lane changes or when backing up. When paired with an available accessory trailer-mounted camera, the system provides an improved field of vision, allowing the driver to see down both sides and behind the trailer at the same time or individually.
  • Tow/Haul Mode: this feature adjusts transmission shift points in order to deliver peak power when needed most. For 2019, Sierra now provides a reminder to engage Tow/Haul Mode on the transmission when a trailer is connected. Further, Tow/Haul Mode remains engaged up to four hours after shutting down the engine -- leaving one less thing to remember when hopping back in your vehicle after stopping for gas, food, or to enjoy a scenic stop along your drive route.
  • Trailer Sway Control: Senses when a towed trailer begins to sway and applies tow vehicle brakes and/or dials back engine power to help bring trailer back under control. When paired with the Integrated Trailer Brake Controller and a trailer with electric brakes, the trailer’s brakes may also be applied to help stabilize the trailer.
  • Automatic Grade Braking: Sierra can sense when the driver wants to slow the truck and trailer down on a steep incline and trigger downshifts to reduce brake use and wear.


The 2019 GMC Sierra will be available beginning in Fall 2018. For more information on the Next Generation Sierra, including the 2019 Sierra Denali, please click here.