GMC steering wheel controls and dashboard display.

How to Utilize GMC Infotainment System® Voice Commands

Learn how to use the intuitive voice commands incorporated in GMC’s Infotainment system®1 to control audio, navigation2, and Bluetooth®3 phone systems without taking hands off the steering wheel.

Keep your hands on the wheel. Simple advice when it comes to operating a vehicle – but ever wish you had a third hand to change the radio station, or load a favourite song or playlist?


Many of GMC’s trucks, SUVs, and vans are available with GMC Infotainment system®1, which – in addition to providing audio, hands-free Bluetooth® calling3, and navigation2 (if equipped) – also recognizes voice commands for select functions.


Without removing a hand from the steering wheel, GMC Infotainment voice commands can be used to:

  • Tune to a particular radio station (if capable)
  • Load a particular artist, song, playlist, podcast, audiobook, or other file stored on your USB3 connected device
  • Set a destination in the navigation2 system (if equipped)
  • Place a call to a contact or dial a number to a phone connected to GMC Infotainment system®1 via Bluetooth®3
  • Access the OnStar®4 voice prompt main menu


Here’s how you can utilize voice commands in your GMC.

  1. Look for the voice command button on the steering wheel. The icon will resemble the outline of a person with sound waves coming from it. Push this button to start the voice command process.
  2. After you’ve pushed the voice command button, you’ll hear a voice asking you to “say a command.” If you’re not familiar with what commands are recognized, you’ll be guided by both audio and visual prompts (the latter within the Driver Information Centre, within the gauge cluster) to make the specific command for the task at hand.
  3. From there, you can say what you need to control – be it audio, phone, navigation, or OnStar®4.




Saying “Audio” then brings you to the audio controls menu. From here, you can control either your GMC’s radio tuner or search for a specific piece of multimedia content on a device connected to GMC Infotainment System®1 USB3 ports.


- Radio – if your GMC Infotainment System®1 is equipped with this functionality, you can quickly tune to a given station by saying “Tune to (station frequency number) FM” for an FM station, or “Tune to (station frequency number) AM” for an AM station. For vehicles with an active SiriusXM®5 subscription, tuning to a satellite radio channel is as easy as saying “Tune to XM (channel number).”


- Multimedia: Even if you have multiple flash drives or portable music devices connected via USB3, GMC Infotainment System1 voice controls can quickly scan through and control the media you’re looking for.


  • Artist: Saying “Play (artist name)” will help navigate to songs or recordings tagged to a particular artist.
  • Song: Saying “Play (song name)” will pull up a song with a particular title.
  • Album: Saying “Play album (album name)” will load songs from a particular album.
  • Genre: Saying “Play genre (genre name)” will load songs tagged to a particular genre.
  • Playlist: Saying “Play playlist (playlist name)” will load and play a particular playlist stored on your device(s).
  • Audiobook: Saying “Play Audiobook (audiobook name)” or “Play (audiobook name)” can load and play a particular audiobook. You can also load a specific chapter.
  • Podcast: Saying “Play Podcast (podcast name)” or “Play (podcast name)” can load and play a particular podcast stored on a device. You can also load a specific episode.




Saying “Phone” then brings you to a menu with voice commands specifically tailored for making or placing a hands-free call, provided a Bluetooth®3-equipped phone is paired and connected to the GMC Infotainment System®1.


  • Number dialing: If you know the specific phone number you’d like, simply say “Dial (say entire number)” or “Call (say entire number).” The system will confirm the number is correct before placing the call.
  • Contact dialing: If you have a specific person saved in your phone’s contact list, you can simply say “Call (say contact name).” If multiple numbers are ascribed to a particular contact – i.e., a home and a work number – include that in your command (e.g., “Call John Smith at Work”). Please ensure that you allow GMC Infotainment System®1 access to your phone’s contact list at the time of Bluetooth®3 pairing to enable contact dialing.
  • Keypad dialing: If you’re trying to dial a number with a special character – like an international number with a + or * character – say “Keypad” to access an advanced form of number dialing.
  • Bluetooth®3 Setup: If you’d like to quickly begin the process of pairing a Bluetooth®3 phone, say “Pair Phone.” If multiple phones are saved in the system, and you’d like to change between the phone that’s presently connected to another phone, say “Change phone.”




If your GMC is equipped with available navigation2, you can utilize GMC Infotainment System®1 voice commands to easily set a destination without taking hands from the steering wheel. Begin by saying “Navigation” or “Destination” after the initial prompt. From there, you can select from the following:


  • Address: If you know the specific street address in a city, say “Address,” and read the street address (including city and province).
  • Intersection: If you want to set your destination for the intersection of two streets, say “Intersection,” and then read the specific streets when prompted (e.g., “Fifth Avenue and East 34 Street”).
  • Point of Interest: If you want to search for a type of location (e.g., gas station, ATM, hotel, etc.) or a major brand name, say “Point of Interest,” and follow the prompts to indicate what you’re searching for.
  • Contact: If you’ve saved addresses into the navigation system’s contact book, or if you have an address saved to a contact in your phone’s contact list, say “Contact,” and say the name of the address preset (e.g., “Home”) or the name of the phone contact (e.g., “John Smith”) once prompted.
  • Cancel Route: During an active navigation session, if you no longer wish to receive directions, say “Cancel Route.”


Example of the GMC IntelliLink system in action after pressing the talk icon on the steering wheel.



If your vehicle has an active OnStar®4 service plan, saying “OnStar” at the initial voice is the equivalent of pushing the blue OnStar button inside your GMC -- it takes you to OnStar’s main menu. For more information on OnStar’s services and capabilities, click here.




Depending on the audio, navigation, or phone command given, GMC Infotainment System®1 may respond with multiple options for you to select from – particularly if there are multiple contacts or song/ playlists that are phonetically similar.

On Sierra, Acadia, and Yukon models with the available full-colour Driver Information Centre (DIC), these options will appear as a screen within the gauge cluster. You can either select the correct option by saying the number shown on the Driver Information Centre, or using the menu controls on the steering wheel to select the desired option.




At any point, if you’d like to return to the previous menu, say “Back.” If you need some guidance for available commands, say “Help.” If you’d like to cancel the voice command session, say “Cancel.”


GMC Infotainment System®1 with voice commands is offered on the following 2018 GMC models:


- GMC Terrain


  • Available on SLE
  • Standard on SLT-1, SLT-2, and Denali models


- GMC Acadia


  • Available on SLE-2
  • Standard on SLT-1, SLT-2, and Denali models


- GMC Yukon


  • Standard on SLE, SLT, and Denali models


- GMC Sierra


  • Available on base Sierra
  • Standard on Sierra SLE, SLT, and Denali models


- GMC Canyon


  • Available on base Canyon
  • Standard on Canyon SLE, SLT, and Denali models


- GMC Savana Passenger


  • Available on Savana LS and LT models


For more information on GMC Infotainment System®1 and its voice command system, please refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual, or visit the GMC Owner Centre.