Vehicle Software Updates


With vehicle software updates, you can receive enhancements on us, purchase new upgrades and get software refinements right from your driveway using over-the-air technology. Updates are downloaded and installed via Connected Access or by connecting your vehicle to a Wi-Fi® network — no paid data plan necessary.


Using over-the-air technology, vehicle software updates are automatically downloaded to your vehicle. Follow the prompts on screen to install.

  • Make sure your vehicle has connectivity. Avoid parking in an underground garage or covered space.
  • You may be asked to accept the User Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement for your vehicle to be eligible for vehicle software updates.
  • Update notifications will be sent to your vehicle, and you can also manually check for them using the centre display.
  • There are two steps to getting the update: software download and installation.


Software downloads are initiated automatically and occur in the background.

  • You can continue to use your vehicle normally during a software download.
  • Downloads automatically pause and resume if you turn off your vehicle or lose connectivity (e.g., if you pull into a parking garage).
  • Download times will vary, depending on the size of an update and your wireless signal strength.


  • Once a download is complete, you’ll be prompted to install the update once it is ready to be installed. This may occur the next time you shift your vehicle into PARK, after a drive cycle. You can also choose to be reminded later, schedule or decline the installation.
    • If you decline an update, the update will cancel, and you may need to take your vehicle to a dealer if you want to perform the update later.
  • You’ll be asked to put your vehicle in PARK and turn off the engine/vehicle to initiate most updates.
  • While an update is being performed, you can’t drive your vehicle and the centre display may remain active during the update. Park in a safe and secure location before beginning any update.            
  • Generally, software installation takes about 20 minutes or less.
  • If you leave your vehicle during an update, close your windows and lock your doors. Don’t leave your keys in the vehicle or lock occupants inside.
  • It’s normal for your centre display to stay on during an update. You may also notice one or more system resets during an installation process.



Can I just get vehicle software updates from my dealer?

Yes. Vehicle software updates can be performed by your servicing dealer and verifying that they can facilitate the software update for you. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about a vehicle software update, contact your dealer for assistance.

How can I check the progress of an update?

You can check the progress of a vehicle software download or installation in the Settings menu in your centre display. Look for either of the following (steps may vary by vehicle):

  • Settings > System > Vehicle Software > Updates.
  • Settings > Software Information > System Update. 

If the option is greyed out, the vehicle conditions might be incorrect for a software update to occur. You may need to drive the vehicle around to improve the battery condition, turn off your auto-stop feature if your vehicle has it or charge the battery.

What do I do if I receive an “error” message during the download or installation?

Most vehicle software update situations will resolve on their own through natural use of your vehicle. For example, a message about a download or connection error may happen in situations where your vehicle has limited cellular connectivity. In that case, the situation will be resolved once your vehicle is moved into an area with better cellular connectivity. If your error does not automatically resolve after a few ignition cycles, you should contact your dealer for assistance.



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