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If your vehicle has a Rear Seat Infotainment system from GM Accessories, your passengers can play media from various sources on two monitors located behind the front-seat headrests. These monitors work much like a smart TV. They give passengers flexibility to play media from smartphones, tablets, SD cards, USB drives, devices connected via HDMI (such as gaming systems or a smart TV stick) and DVDs (if equipped), but some systems only allow a connection through HDMI. If Wi-Fi® is enabled in your vehicle, passengers can also share video between devices and rear-seat monitors.

Controlling the Monitors

Your system has two monitors, Monitor A (on the driver side) and Monitor B (on the passenger side).
You can control them three ways:

  1. By the remote control that comes with the system.
  2. Via a remote control app on a smartphone or tablet.
  3. With the blue touch controls across the bottom of the monitors.  

Here’s how to get started:

  1. With the vehicle’s ignition On, push the Power button on the upper-right side of the headrest monitors to turn the system on. The system may take up to 30 seconds to power up. 
  2. Control the display with the front-panel touch controls illuminated in blue.
  3. To adjust a monitor from its locked upright position, simply press the push-button latch on the top of the monitor and pivot the screen to your preferred viewing angle. When not in use, pivot the screen back to the locked (latched) position.

Using the Remote Control App

Here’s how to get the most out of your Rear Seat Infotainment system via the remote control app:

  1. Search for the GM-RSE app in the Apple App Store® or Google Play™.
  2. Download and install it on your smartphone or tablet.
  3. Follow the “Connecting a mobile device to the RSI Network” section in your Rear Seat Infotainment Owner’s Manual and enter the password to operate the app.
  4. Touch the GM-RSE icon on your smartphone or tablet screen and select one of three options:
A. Remote Control: This is the standard remote control or touchpad configuration. Choose Monitor; then use the On/Off, Navigation and Menu options for the system. This mode is easy for a parent in the front to assist or control the content being viewed by a child in the rear seat.
B. Smartstream: Stream content wirelessly by choosing a monitor to stream your connected device to (see your Rear Seat Infotainment Owner’s Manual).
C. Multicast: Access content being played on the system to a mobile device by choosing which monitor to view from. Multicast does not allow a device to play content tagged as Digital Rights Managed (DRM-protected).

Using the Controls

The controls for your Rear Seat Infotainment system are simple and easy to use:

  1. Access your Rear Seat Infotainment system functions by highlighting a menu section: Settings, Source, Mirror and Fast-Charge USB port. Return to the Home screen by pressing the Home button.
  2. Press the Up, Down, Left, Right arrows to scroll through menu selections.
  3. Press the Select check mark to choose an option.

Adjusting the Volume

To adjust the volume for your Rear Seat Infotainment system, use the volume controls that are built into the headphones.

Tips for Using Your Rear Seat Infotainment System:

  • The system includes both USB ports and HDMI-MHL input and supports 1 TB of content 
  • If two rear-seat passengers want to play the same game in a gaming system or watch the same video, they can choose HDMI as the source, then return to the Home menu and select Mirror to show the game simultaneously on both screens. To stop mirroring, press the Home or Back buttons
  • If a user transfers content with an SD card or USB drive, the system needs time to sort the content into appropriate folders for music, images and video

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How do I watch a movie from one smart device on Screen 1 and watch photos from another smart device on Screen 2?

This is not possible. The system only allows you to connect one smart device at a time.

When I watch videos from my phone, they’re turned 90 (or 180) degrees when using the Rear Seat Infotainment system. Is there a way I can reorient them correctly?

The Rear Seat Infotainment System is designed to only play videos in the orientation in which they were recorded.



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