If your vehicle has this available feature, the 12-inch Diagonal Reconfigurable Digital Driver Information Centre (DIC) for GMC HUMMER EV Pickup is the display on the dashboard that provides specific information. It lets you select from several display modes to adjust the type of information you see based on your preferences. Using controls on the steering wheel, you can scroll through a set of applications to adjust what appears in the centre of the cluster.


The 12-inch Diagonal Reconfigurable Digital Driver Information Centre (DIC) for GMC HUMMER EV Pickup shows you important information in your field of view, right behind the steering wheel. You can customize what information you see in the cluster and how it’s displayed, depending on your driving situation.
Steering Wheel Controls
The up and down arrows on the steering wheel thumbwheel let you scroll through the list of available applications. To use different cluster applications when you have them selected in the DIC, use the left and right arrows. Click the centre button on the thumbwheel to select items on the display.
DIC Page Options 
You can customize what information is displayed on the left or right side of your DIC from the Options menu.
The types of information available to display may vary, depending on how your vehicle is equipped. Not all vehicles will feature all views listed here. For more information on these page views and your vehicle’s equipment, check your Owner’s Manual.
  • Compass: If equipped, shows the direction the vehicle is heading
  • Time and Outside Temperature: Displays the current time and outside air temperature
  • Tire Pressure: Shows the approximate pressures of all four tires. Tire pressure is displayed in either kilopascal (kPa) or in pounds per square inch (psi). If a tire’s pressure is low, the value for that tire is shown in amber
  • Pitch/Roll: Displays vehicle pitch and roll information
  • G-force: Gives an indication of the acceleration, braking and cornering performance of the vehicle. The G-force is displayed as a numerical value and as a graphical depiction
  • None: Displays the info area as empty
  • Audio: Browse music, select from Favorites or change the audio source. Move the thumbwheel up or down to change the station or go to the next or previous track
  • Navigation: If there is an active route, press the thumbwheel to cancel or resume route guidance, or turn the navigation voice prompts on or off
  • Phone: If there is no active phone call, view recent calls or scroll through contacts. During an active call, you can mute the phone or switch to handset operation
  • Options: Move the thumbwheel up or down to scroll through items in the Options menu
  • Display Layout: Layouts include Lunar, Sport, Digital, Off-Road and Clean. Choose a layout by pressing the thumbwheel while the desired item is highlighted. Exit the Display Layout menu by pressing left on the thumbwheel
  • Left/Right Side Info: Press the thumbwheel to select the items to be displayed in the display areas
  • Info Page Options: Press to select the items to be displayed in the Info app
  • Units: Switch between Canadian metric units and U.S. units by pressing the thumbwheel while the desired item is highlighted
  • Speed Warning: The Speed Warning display allows the driver to set a speed that they do not want to exceed. If the selected speed limit is exceeded, a pop-up warning is displayed with a chime
    • To set the Speed Warning, press the thumbwheel when Speed Warning is displayed. Then, press the up or down arrows to adjust the Speed Warning value, and press the thumbwheel to set the speed
    • To turn Speed Warning off, press the thumbwheel while viewing this page
  • Speed Sign: If equipped, shows sign information, which comes from a roadway database in the onboard navigation system
  • Remote Relearn: If equipped, this feature allows the vehicle to relearn remote keys
  • Software Information: Displays open-source software information
  • Reset to Defaults: Lets you reset the DIC to default settings


Configuring the Driver Information Centre 
The GMC HUMMER EV Pickup DIC has five display options to choose from:

  • Lunar
  • Sport
  • Digital
  • Off-Road
  • Clean

To select different display zones, press the up or down arrows on the steering wheel thumbwheel to move through the Options menu. You’ll see a setting called Display Layout.
Select a layout and click the thumbwheel to confirm the highlighted layout.

Display Gauges
Several gauges display in the DIC to help you understand your vehicle’s systems. Here’s how they work:

Battery Gauge

  • The battery gauge displays the state of charge of your vehicle’s battery 
  • The value underneath the gauge is an estimate of how far the vehicle can be driven on the remaining charge based on recent driving habits, conditions and HVAC usage 
  • The fill bars shown inside of the gauge indicate the vehicle’s driving range as a percentage of full charge, estimated from current vehicle conditions and climate settings 
  • The range estimate on the bottom also may be affected by climate settings, current vehicle conditions and ambient conditions 
  • Estimated range may increase and decrease based on climate control energy consumption

Driving aggressively through hard acceleration and/or braking events, excessive HVAC usage, using heated or cooled seats, battery preconditioning and performance modes can affect vehicle range estimates.
When the high-voltage battery state of charge level gets low, the gauge will change color to amber.
When the charge is very low, the gauge will flash, and the estimated range value on the bottom will change to LOW instead of the value and the total range being displayed. Additional alerts may display, and a sound may also be heard when the battery is at a low state of charge.

Power Indicator Gauge
The power indicator gauge is in the centre of the display to the right of the speedometer in the Lunar layout.
This gauge displays the instantaneous charge and consumption power of the high-voltage battery. Maximum power consumption is available when the high-voltage battery is fully charged.
During normal operation, a slight reduction in power consumption may occur as the high-voltage battery state of charge decreases. This should not affect vehicle systems, but you may notice the reduction in the gauge.

Regenerative Braking
When regenerative braking is active, the fill bar inside the battery gauge will turn green. The power indicator gauge value shows the amount of instantaneous power being regenerated.

Regenerative Power Limited
Regenerative power may be limited when the high-voltage battery is near full charge or cold. The regen battery icon may appear grey when limited, and a horizontal bar may display on the gauge at the level of the vehicle’s maximum regenerative braking power.


To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.



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