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If equipped, the available SiriusXM®† with 360L interface provides an enhanced in-vehicle listening experience for customers (3-month trial included with new vehicle purchase), with unique channels, on demand content, more relevant personalized recommendations, visually appealing screens and more ways to discover content.


If equipped with SiriusXM® with 360L, you can select SIRIUSXM from the source menu (or swipe to the second page of the HOME screen and select the SIRIUSXM app icon) to explore channels.

SiriusXM with 360L is the most extensive and personalized audio entertainment experience ever offered in GM vehicles. Some new features, including streaming content and listening recommendations, require a Connected Services plan.


In the Audio app, the Now Playing screen allows you to view currently playing SiriusXM® content.

  • An icon indicates if you’re listening to a satellite channel or a streaming channel. A blue icon indicates a Live Channel; a green icon indicates an On Demand Episode
  • If available, album artwork for the current content will be displayed (or channel artwork, if album artwork is not available)
  • Touch the <CH or CH> icons to advance to the next or previous SiriusXM channel and display the Linear Tuner screen
  • Touch the |<< icon to skip back to the beginning of the current track, backwards one track (Live content) or backwards in a program (On Demand content; varies by program)
  • Touch the >>| icon to skip forward one track (Live content; if not past live point) or forward in a program (On Demand content; varies by program)
  • Touch the || icon to pause content
  • A Progress Bar for On Demand content or Artist Radio shows elapsed and remaining time, including program segments for On Demand episodes
  • The Linear Tuner feature presents the channel lineup in a horizontal carousel-style view, featuring channel artwork
    • Swipe left or right to navigate between channels
    • The system will automatically tune to the channel that is centred, in the Linear Tuner, providing quicker access to the content you’re searching for
    • Simply tap or touch any of the channel tiles displayed in the Linear Tuner to quickly tune to that channel


From the Now Playing screen, touch the BROWSE button to access additional browsing options.

  • Select a Super Category (Music, Sports, News, Talk, etc.) and dive deeper into a category to explore specific available content
  • Touch the TUNE button to directly tune to a channel by entering the channel number into a keypad and pressing Go


A RELATED icon may be displayed to offer easy one-touch access to similar content you may enjoy (if available).

  • Touch the RELATED icon to explore these suggestions


From the Now Playing screen, touch the SETTINGS button to manage your SiriusXM account and listening preferences.

  • View and manage stored SiriusXM Favourites
    • Press and hold a tile to delete or move the selection
    • Add the currently playing content as a SiriusXM Favourite
  • Toggle the Tune Start feature on or off
    • If Tune Start is enabled, when you browse to a Favourite station, the current song or content will start playing from the beginning the first time you tune to the channel on an ignition cycle
    • A channel must be stored as a Favourite to enable this feature. Press and hold an open Favourite space to save the channel
  • Toggle the Block Explicit feature on or off
    • If this feature is enabled, channels containing explicit content will be inaccessible and a “Channel Locked” message will display when you attempt to tune to the station
    • If you turn on the Block Explicit setting while explicit content is playing, the radio will not automatically tune away from the explicit station, but it will be blocked if you attempt to return to the explicit station after tuning away
  • View SiriusXM subscription information, including remaining trial term or call SiriusXM
  • View SiriusXM Radio ID from System Settings or Help/Support screen
  • Turn location settings on or off. Note: SiriusXM uses this location information to monitor satellite signal issues. It is not required in order to use SiriusXM with 360L


  • Use voice commands to access SiriusXM channels
    • Press and release the PUSH-TO-TALK button on the steering wheel, then say the SiriusXM channel number or name you’d like to listen to (e.g., “Tune to SiriusXM Channel 8” or “Tune to SiriusXM Hits 1”)
    • If your vehicle has Alexa Built-In compatibility and you’ve enabled that functionality, you can ask Alexa to play SiriusXM content [Dagger: see #5 in disclaimer section]
  • Use steering wheel controls to navigate the system.
    • Depending on the vehicle settings, the FORWARD and BACKWARD buttons on the steering wheel will either tune to the next or previous Favourite selection or tune to the next or previous SiriusXM channel immediately forward or backward



Once my All Access trial expires, what type of SiriusXM subscription will I need to use SiriusXM with 360L?

For the full SiriusXM with 360L experience, a SiriusXM All Access Package is required. If you subscribe to a lower package, certain features of 360L (including On Demand and Channel streaming) will not be available.

What is “On Demand” content?

On Demand content is previously live broadcast content, such as interviews, concerts, comedy specials or episodes from shows, which is recorded and saved in the SiriusXM On Demand library. SiriusXM with 360L provides access to more than 5,000 hours of On Demand content, and includes the ability to skip forward, skip backward and pause this content.

When I listen to certain SiriusXM channels, why aren’t some of the icons showing up on the Now Playing screen?

The icons are dependent on the type of channel or content you are listening to. For example, the channel UP/DOWN buttons are not available for On Demand content.

Why do I occasionally receive an error message when I am viewing my settings, personalized recommendations or On Demand content?

You may be receiving an error message in these menus due to a loss of 4G connectivity or because you do not have a Connected Services plan.



Communicate with one of our specialists.

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.

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