• A winter vehicle maintenance appointment with GMC Certified Service.
  • A GMC Certified Service technician installing winter tires.
  • A GMC Certified Service technician performing a winter tire service.


Winter’s Knocking at the Door. Live it to the fullest by getting your vehicle ready for the season.

Harsh Canadian winters are tough on vehicles and challenging for drivers. The elements of the cold months take their toll on vehicle parts and driver nerves but winter can be fun if you’re well-prepared.

Take time out in the fall to plan an early appointment with one of the experts from your local GMC Certified Service location to get your Vehicle Health Check before winter arrives.


Your vehicle’s tires are particularly vulnerable to freezing temperatures. When the thermometer drops to -5 degrees Celsius, the rubber in older tires starts to harden and becomes less pliable, which reduces the surface area between the tread and the road.

At -7 degrees Celsius, a new summer tire suffers exactly the same symptoms. This results in reduced traction, even on a clean, dry road. At -14 degrees Celsius, which is fairly common in these parts, tires have already lost more than 50% of their bite.

This is why it is important to get winter tires installed on your vehicle. These tires are made of polymerized rubber and adhere to the road better in cold weather than any other type of tire.


Winter temperatures also have an effect on tire pressure as air contracts in cold weather. At -10 degrees Celsius, tires lose about one pound of pneumatic pressure. The lower the temperature dips, the lower the pressure drops. And the more the tire deflates, the larger the contact patch becomes. This can damage the tire casing.

To prevent under inflation, regularly check your tire pressure—once a month or even every two weeks—using a high-quality pressure gauge to ensure that it is within the normal range. You’ll find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle on the tire information label, located on the inside of the driver’s side door frame.


As the fall season approaches, make the most of your trip to a GMC Certified Service location and fine-tune your tire knowledge. Here, you will get advice on simple and effective maintenance to prolong your vehicle’s life, ensure your comfort and help increase your safety. The experts at GMC Certified Service are qualified and experienced technicians that will help you meet winter driving head-on.