Difficulty Level: Intermediate | Time Required: 10 minutes | Related Parts, Products, Service or Techology: Roof Panel Stowage System, I-Bar Tool Kit, or available accessory Hummer EV Roof Panel Stowage Cases.

The Infinity Roof with Modular Sky Panels on the 2022 GMC HUMMER EV Pickup features four roof panels and a front I-Bar that can be removed for an open-air experience.


Removing the Roof Panels

Here’s how to remove your vehicle’s roof panels:

  1. When your vehicle is in PARK, unlock your vehicle and open the windows. Make sure there is nothing in your eTrunk™ (front storage compartment) that may interfere with storage of the roof panels. Also, it can be easier to do this when your doors are open.
  2. Stand on your vehicle’s assist step and unlatch the two roof panel latches.
  3. Pull the latches outward until they stop.
  4. Push up on the underside of the roof panel near the outboard side to disengage the vertical pins.
  5. Then, holding the outboard side with one hand and bracing the panel in the middle with your other hand, push up and pull out toward you to disengage the panel from the I-Bar.
  6. Repeat the process for every roof panel you want to remove.

Removing the Front I-Bar

Here’s how to remove the front I-Bar if you want to create an open-air experience:

  1. First, remove the front roof panels. Keep your windows rolled down when removing the I-Bar. 
  2. Locate the four fasteners for the I-Bar. There are two in the front header and two in the B-pillar cross-hoop. If you have trouble finding the bolt fasteners, look for their exact location in your Owner’s Manual. 
  3. Your vehicle will come with a tool to loosen these fasteners at delivery. Locate the tool.
  4. Once you have the tool and fasteners identified, unfasten the front header fasteners.
  5. Then, remove the center roof bow fasteners.
  6. Once the fasteners are removed, you can remove the I-Bar by lifting it. Carefully secure the fasteners so you don’t lose them.

Storing the Roof Panels

To store the roof panels, place them in the provided stowage bags.

Note: This included Roof Panel Stowage System is only meant for short trips over paved roads. This system is not sufficient to protect the roof panels during off-roading. For off-road protection, please see the Accessory GMC Hummer EV Roof Panel Stowage Kit.

To store the panels:

  1. Shift the vehicle into PARK.
  2. Turn the vehicle off and set the parking brake.
  3. Open the power hood and retrieve the four roof panel stowage bags from the eTrunk™ (front storage compartment).
  4. Open the first roof panel bag and place the opened bag inside the front storage compartment, with the zipper opening facing toward the front of the vehicle.
  5. Place the panel into the bag with the weatherstrip side facing the rear of the vehicle.
  6. Zip the bag closed. Ensure the zipper is fully closed.
  7. Repeat these steps for each additional roof panel, placing each bag on top of the last bag. This can be done for just the front row of roof panels or all four roof panels.
  8. Install the two retention straps from the rear cargo hook to the front cargo hook. Make sure the straps are holding the bags down.
  9. Close the power hood.

Reattaching the Roof Panels

Here’s how to reattach the roof panels:

  1. First, unlock your vehicle and open the windows. If you have removed the l-Bar, reattach that first.
  2. Make sure all the roof panel latches are in the open position before reattaching the panels.
  3. Grip the top and bottom ends of the roof panel and lift it out of the eTrunk™ (front storage compartment).
  4. You’ll see a graphic on each panel indicating which of the four roof positions it fits into.
  5. Line the studs on the inboard side of the roof panel with the receiver slots on the I-Bar. Guide the studs into the receiver slots while gently lowering the outboard edge of the panel into the receiver, then close the latch handles.
  6. IMPORTANT: Insert the roof panels as close to the I-Bar receivers as possible without sliding along the weatherstrip molding. The panel frame can catch on the I-Bar seal mold and potentially damage it, leading to potential water leaks. Push down on the front of the panel to ensure it’s snugly on the latches.
  7. Repeat this process for all four panels.

Reattaching the I-Bar

  1. First, unlock your vehicle and open the windows.
  2. Carefully attach the I-Bar to the roof. Look for the word “FRONT” on the I-Bar to indicate proper installation orientation. The studs of the I-Bar should easily drop through the attachment holes in the roof. Ensure it is fully seated.
  3. Using the tools you used to remove them, install the four I-Bar fasteners. Tighten the fasteners. There is no particular sequence in which the fasteners must be installed or tightened. It is recommended they all be hand tightened, then tightened using the proper tool.



Does it matter which order I remove the roof panels in?


Can I remove the rear I-Bar?

No, the rear I-Bar can’t be removed. You can only remove the front I-Bar.

To find out if your vehicle has this feature, contact your dealer or refer to your vehicle’s equipment list. Please check your Owner’s Manual for more information about features.



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